Dog Walking

My Dogs Gone Walking specialises in all types of fun walking adventures, swimming and power walks. We are also very experienced in walking dogs of all shapes and sizes. We love to play with the dogs by throwing balls, Frisbees, sticks or whatever your dog’s desire is.

My Dogs Gone Walking guarantees a minimum of one hour of exercise, fun and socialisation, which starts when we are on the ground at our favourite spots.We vary the location that we take the dogs so that they get a large range of experiences and fun on their outings with us.

Dogs travel in our air conditioned, safe and secure customized van with a non slip matt in the back to help the dogs balance on their travels. When dogs are returned home we refresh their water bowl, towel them down if necessary and make sure they are left tired, happy and content.

Group walks for dogs and puppies

Group dog walks creates a social environment, where your dog can enjoy interacting with other dogs and gain some mates, while still receiving the same quality of exercise and attention they enjoy on your own walks. We always put our dogs into small groups with matching energy and temperaments. In these smaller groups we believe we can give a more personal service, and also give careful attention to each dog. Dogs get picked up and dropped off at home for free, travelling with their mates.

Individual dog and puppy walks

With individual walks your dog enjoys the one on one walking experience. The individual walk is perfect for elderly dogs, dogs with special needs, in recovery or if it’s just what you prefer. This one on one relationship is also especially good for very young puppies, as they will receive our undivided attention as they are walked and socialised with other dogs and humans under our care, until they are able to join the ‘big’ dogs and older puppies on the group walks.

Before we start

Before we start walking your dog(s) we will have an obligation and cost free meeting at your home. There we will assess your dogs needs on the spot, to make sure that we put your dog in the best environment and into the most compatible group – based on its energy and temperament. If needed, we will take your dog out for a walk to become better acquainted before we start.

Personal updates

We will be sending you pictures and video of your dog, to keep you updated on your dogs outings with us. Also please do not hesitate to call us anytime to ask how your dog is, or if you have any questions.


  • Group Walks $30 + GST – 1 hour walk
    Extra dog from same household $20 + GST
  • Individual Walks $40 + GST - 1 hour walk
    $25 + GST - ½ hour walk
Dogs walking price